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Calamity AU (Please read if you are in this AU)
First of all, you i'll let you know that the AU takes places in a colonial-type city, surrounded by big-ass mountains and forests!!! This is super cool omgf
A little bit of Calamity story:
I will resume the story, i will not tell you everything of it because i want you to read the comic... Just, you will have to wait till it is on the internet hahahahha. The story takes in a colonial city, as i said, one day a sect attacks the city, it was a terrorist attack because they don't want more dinosaurs on the planet, they just want humans to be in it (PROTECT THE DINOOOOOS)
They killed so much people, then the army made all the young boys of the families enter to it, because, you know... That's what the army does. The girls can enter too, but it is not obligatory for them to enter. The army want to train the youth for them to be ready in case there is another attack to the city, or in the worst of all cases, the war.
Almost all of the people in Terralisis are Christians
:iconyhsuke:YhSuke 14 68
RPing with a friend by egerie187 RPing with a friend :iconegerie187:egerie187 6 14



I put a chemical hair relaxer for natural hair and it made my hair smooth and straight. I guess now it worn out! And me afro is back!! >.<

And in the Calamity AU, Craig loves the afro. He sniffs it, lays his chin on it and even likes it!! Its like a fluffy cloud to him
Bianca ||Calamity AU||
Call her BJ. I like the way i designed her x3 I love that kind of hair!! I just wish I had that hair! OnO

Calamity AU >>>> :iconyhsuke:
Character mine!
Austin ||Calamity AU||
Yeah, am gonna make me own squad x3
He remembers me on someone i had a crush on xD
And he is a shy baby when it comes to talking to his chrush!! XD

Calamity AU >>>> :iconyhsuke:
Character mine!
Happy Belated Birthday! :Gift:
Sorry I was late ;u;
I hope u like it!! I love u! Am glad u are 15 now! Some people sadly didnt reach this age and am glad u did. And also, am still older than ya! Ha!

Tasha © TashaLeolover
TMNT belongs to Nickelodeon

A pink glowing mist comes out of the lamp, filling the room. The mist then comes together, forming a human figure but with no legs. Leo quickly grabbed a weapon from his shelf and stood in position, ready to fight just case it was evil. Formation completed, a girl with tanned skin, chocolate brown hair with light brown eyes. She took a breathe, swirling around and faces Leo, who is shocked, eyes widen and jaw dropped.

She screamed, backing away from him "Hey!! What's wrong with you!! I just wanna greet ya and you go on taking those sharp silver painted sticks to hurt me!?" She yelled at Leo,she eyes widened in fear. Leo looked at the weapons then her. He quickly put his weapons away " No no! I didn't want to hurt you!" He backs away, still shocked " Wow. You're a jinnee " he says " Hmmm...." She comes closer to him, staring at him " What kind of species of human are you?" She pokes his mask, then his cheek " So green.....smooth skin" Leo frowns a bit as she touch and strokes his head "no hair" she muttered " No. I'm a mutant turtle" Leo said, frowning. She blinks a few times, not understanding what he just said

" Oh....mutant heheh" She says, rubbing her head
" You don't understand what I just said didn't you" Leo said
"Nope. Anyway I'm Tasha! A jinnee who will grant you three wishes! Don't wish for more wishes and wealth! Plus, be careful for what you wish for~" she grins.

"Wow. I never thought jinnees were real.... And beautiful " He muttered, smiling. Tasha's eyes widened, looking at him, blushing lightly "Ahhh...thanks. So what's wrong first wish?" She said, rubbing her arms "Well.... We have anyways been hiding in the shadows to avoid people from seeing us.... I wish people will accept us the way we are" Leo looks up at her, smiling. Tasha's smiled "Your wish is my command" she snaps her finger causing a shine to light up the room.

"And why wish that?" she asked, raising her eyebrow
"Its just.... People in this world are not like us... And if they see us they freak out and and run off... They are all afraid of us" he says as he sighs, sadly looking down, walking to his bed and sits down
"But you are nice.....even thought tried to hurt be with those sticks---"
"But you are nice so far and once I get to know you more you might be an amazing Multan---"
"Yeah that. Those people just don't look that looks don't matter.... Its what inside that matters. You should rest now" she says, patting his head

"Yeah.... Thanks" he smiles, looking at her in the eyes. She blushes a bit as she looks back in the eyes "...... Good night" Leo said to her. She smile and gets back into her lamp. Leo sighs and smile, laying down in his bed and slowly falls asleep.


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Natasha Chiniko
Artist | Student
Well, am a very very shy girl, am kinda sweet, i really care about very...ahhh aggressive at time.
Surely am the first Malawian girl to be here and some of u wont like me that much but i really wanna be an artist. So my drawings are about TMNT, I so love Leo so its all Me and Weo X3

I believe in God! Am a Christian yes!

__♥__♥_____♥__♥___ Put This
_♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ Heart
_♥______In_____♥__ On Your
__♥____GOD___ ♥__ Page If
___♥____I____♥___ You Believe
____♥_Trust_♥_____ In
______♥___♥______ GOD

What I believe:
* God is real
* Putting faith in Jesus Christ is the key to Heaven 
* Rejecting Jesus is the key to Hell 
..(`'•.¸(` '•. ¸* ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)..
« †GOD bless you always †.¸»
(¸. •'´(¸.•'´ † * † `'•.¸)`'•.¸ )






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